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August 16, 2011 / navigatorguild

The Paper Version

Step 3: The Paper Version

Create Space is an Amazon Company which allows indie authors to upload their books to Amazon, where the public can buy them just like any other book. E books are the future but paper books are still by far the biggest market and are not likely to disappear in the foreseeable future. Like Smashwords and Amazon direct publishing this facility does not cost the author anything up front, they make their money on royalties, because there is no middle man publisher/ agent /printer there are more royalties to go around.

A reasonable level of IT competency is required and I found the process a bit tougher than for the eBooks. At each step in the process you are offered ‘paid’ professional help, being stubborn I stuck with it and finally got through the process without asking or paying for help. (Typical man)

THe Printed Book Version Cover

I  published in the following order

1. Smashwords

2.Amazon EBook

3. Amazon Paper book

because it seemed the easiest way to do it. Smashwords have the best documentation including free  ‘how to’ eBooks so I started with them. Amazon eBooks was easy after doing Smashwords. Smashwords are currently working with Amazon to publish directly with them which will make the process easier in future but depending on your price it may be worth going direct with Amazon so check out their Royalty plans first.

The inner-accountant in me is breaking out so I have to mention that non-US residents will have to register with the US tax authorities (Form W-7) or their royalties will be subject to 30% withholding tax.

The paper back version will be available in the next few weeks from Amazon.

Enough about me, in the future I will blog mainly about books and books for boys in particular.



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