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August 3, 2011 / navigatorguild

The Process

A few people have asked me ‘How did you go about writing and then  publishing an E-Book’ so I will briefly explain the process I went through.

Step 1: Write a book

I used to make up stories for my kids when they were small and as I kid I made up stories for my siblings, so making up stories was easy but it took me 40+ years to get around to putting stories on paper. A couple of years ago I was  travelling a great deal for my work and staying away from home in hotels. I remember thinking about the story and maybe writing a book on a  flight from Ireland to Luxembourg. That night I decided to give it a go, I went back to my room took out my laptop and started writing. The Navigator Guild series was born in room 31, Hotel Le Chatelet, Luxembourg. I must have thought about writing a book hundreds of times but for some reason I took the plunge on that day. My advice for someone thinking of writing a book – Start writing now –  if you think too much about it you will come up with a hundred reasons why not to. One word of warning – it may become addictive.

I wrote the first few chapters over the next month and then showed them to Jane – my wife. She looked a bit surprised but said nothing and started reading,  after a few minutes she said ‘ I think you are on to something here’   and encouraged me to keep it up. I next ‘market tested’ the chapters on my kids and their reaction was along the lines of’ ‘you can’t just give me three chapters and not tell me what happens next’ so I was then under a bit of pressure to finish the story. A couple of months later I gave them the manuscript – they loved it.

Jane than proof read it and picked up a huge number of spelling and  punctuation errors as well as giving a lot of helpful suggestions. Anything she missed is my fault. My son Rory was also very helpful in finding  inconsistencies and pointing out the bits he liked and didn’t like.  13 year olds can be very tough critics and he is now putting me under pressure to finish the second book.

I then passed it around some nieces and nephews and after getting more very positive feed back I decided that I had better do something about getting it published. In my next blog I will explain the process I went through in publishing ‘Contact’



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